Hello WORLD!

My name is Joan and I am a front-end developer/web designer/graphic designer.

Once upon a time, there was this thing called MySpace.  Remember that?  So naturally, I created an account to follow and be friends online with all my friends I see daily.  

But one day after browsing a profile, I saw that their page had really cool tweaks, unlike any other profiles!  After some time, I realized that this person was a web designer!

So I got on the internet and started researching how to customize my own profile.  I fell in love with it and the rest was history. 

I studied Visual Communication at the American InterContinental University and graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts with honors.  

I am blessed and thankful for having a career that I love and that I can take anywhere.  After graduating, I mostly worked remotely with clients from all over the United States.  

When I am not designing things

Being a mom to three boys and a full-time freelance designer, I’m rarely found anywhere but parked in front of my laptop.  I have to get up several times a day because my watch tells me to stand up. But when I wrench myself away from my desk, I find joy in these things:

I love to spend a whole day at beach with my husband and our three boys!

We have two American Bullies named, Athena and Tucker.  Athena is our bear and Tucker is one of those dogs that think he is a lap dog.

The family & I love food!  Living in the Florida, seafood is our number one choice.  

My favorite show right now is Max's Succession.  The Roy's family saga of power and dysfunction just draws me in every episode.  

Painkiller cocktail.  Period.  

SeaWorld is my all-time favorite theme park.

Totally in love with Manatees!